PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/28/19 (New Redd Backpacks, New Watches, Dapper Dan Appreciation, and More)

Good morning from the Magic Kingdom, princes and princesses! Join us on our spin around the parks today, and let’s see what’s going on.

Park Life MagicBand in MK 12/27/19 1

First, we popped into The Emporium to see what cute new goodies were for sale. We noticed this Park Life MagicBand that released yesterday and experienced pairing issues. It was supposed to be removed from shelves but was still out on display.

Redd Sequin backpack 12/27/19 1

Redd Sequin backpack 12/27/19 2

Then, we spotted this adorable new duo of Redd sequin LoungeFly backpacks. There is a mini belt bag (top) and a small backpack (bottom). Pair one of these babies with the Redd sequin ears and you’ll have one killer outfit!

Park Life backpack 12/27/19 1

Next, we spotted another backpack! This time it was a Park Life one with attraction and land patches all over. So cute! See more details aon the backpack.

Mickey watch 12/27/19 3

Next up are these watches. One is gold with a gold mesh band. Mickey sits on the face smiling at you, and each of the numbers has been replaced with a Mickey head. This watch is $74.99.

Cinderella carriage watch 12/27/19 1

The next one has a silver and gold band with a gold face border. The face itself is silver glitter with a gold image of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage! This watch is also $74.99.

Castle watch 12/27/19 1

The third one has a faux white leather band with star shaped studs attached. The face is silver with a gold frame and features small rhinestones, as well as a pink castle. This watch is $64.99.

Donald hypnotized 2/27/19

Me when I realize 2020 is next week.

Robot poster 12/27/19 1

Robot poster 12/27/19 2

What a polite young robot man. Inspo for the next Dapper Day?

Fast pass kiosks down 12/27/19 1

Three of the FastPass kiosks in Tomorrowland by the Stitch meet and greet were down today. The other three were open.

Main Street Philharmonic 12/27/19

We caught the Main Street Philharmonic playing some tunes in front of the castle!

Dapper Dans 12/27/19

We were then treated to songs from The Dapper Dans; we still can’t get enough of their Christmas carols.

Missing Park Life MagicBand 12/27/19

And on our way out, we checked in on those Park Life MagicBands… they were pulled before the end of the day!

MK entrance 12/29/19

That’s all for today’s spin around Magic Kingdom. Be sure to keep checking back with WDW News Today for more photo reports on your favorite Disney World parks!