PHOTOS: EPCOT’s France Pavilion Expansion Update (Bakery Pavement, New Facades, and More)

Work continues to progress quickly on the expansion of EPCOT’s France Pavilion. Today, we saw several notable changes to the site.

Approaching the site, we saw even more equipment and workers on-site as the sounds of construction echoed throughout the International Gateway.

Work on the sidewalks to and the facades on the entrance to the expansion is starting to pick up. New paint was seen being applied and details were being put into place throughout the area.

Stonework and sidewalks are being added at a rapid pace lately; new cement is being poured daily.

La Creperie seems to be progressing, as well. Window frames continued to be added while wiring was fed into the building.

The work on the roof continued today, with workers installing metal sheets and wood paneling all around the structure.

Decorative window accents were added to the restrooms as work continued on the exterior of the building.

The cityscape facade also received some sprucing up while we were there.

Metal work was being prepped for details and painting. Workers were seen wrapping the bottom half of the pillars in plastic coating.

More materials were brought to the site throughout the day.

From the ground, we could see more painting and detailing going on with workers on lifts.

Over in front of Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie, the roped off area that was repaved where cobblestones had been removed was completely open to guests today. It had previously been partially or fully roped off in various stages this week.

That does it for our look at France. Stay tuned to WDWNT as we continue to monitor the work happening at the park.