PHOTOS: Innoventions West Demolition Work Continues at EPCOT

Work to remove the former Innoventions West buildings at EPCOT is progressing. This week, it was announced that the Character Spot would be closing in early January. This means that removal of that building is drawing closer. Meanwhile, across the breezeway, work is ongoing to remove the massive frame that used to house Club Cool and Fountain View.

Rising above the crowds, the hulking frame of what remains of the building makes for quite a sight.

From across the water, you can see the entire end of the building is empty.

From the Monorail, we can see that removal has continued of various parts of the frame itself.

The only remaining pieces are two large glass window segments to the rear of the frame.

The Fountain of Nations is now completely leveled and filled in with multiple pieces of large construction equipment.

Approaching the building, we can see that clearing of debris has progressed as well. Gone are the large piles of metal work that had been stacked up along the outside of the former Innoventions building.

From the rear, you can also see where the glass doorways that lead to the breezeway are covered in black material to hide the inside from passing guests.

You can see clearly from one side to the other now. Red tape has been put into place all around the posts now, leading us to believe removal of the large framework will begin soon.

From the other side of the restroom building, we can also see land clearing and leveling is continuing where the Flavors From Fire booth was located during the Food & Wine Festival.

That does it for our update here at EPCOT. Are you excited for the changes to come here at the former Innoventions site? Let us know in the comments below.

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Denny Miller
Denny Miller
8 months ago

It is curious how part of the remaining structure looks like it is fire-ravaged! It looks like part of the structure was burned away to speed up demolition. Thoughts?

8 months ago

What am EMBARRASSMENT. DISNEY should be ASHAMED of what they are doing to EPCOT! IGER IS SCUM!