PHOTOS: Latest Look at Parking Expansion Project at the Magic Kingdom – 12/12/19

Last month, we revealed that construction had begun on expansion of the Magic Kingdom parking lot at the old Walt Disney World Speedway site. Today, we took a look at what has been happening lately. While the overall project is for storm water improvements, a number of trees have been removed, as well as some drainage ditches to create more parking. They Mickey pond in this area is also being expanded.

As you can see, the large yellow crane that was on site is no longer present.

The orange construction fencing is still present along the tree line, while the pile of dirt in the middle of the area is still looming large.

There are also no more large backhoes on site.

The dirt pile seems to have shrunk as well since our last visit.

On the near side by the water, some construction equipment was being brought in.

We also spotted some workers laying new piping and lines in the grass near the back of the parking lot.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the construction as it happens, so stay tuned!


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