PHOTOS: New Maleficent Glow Wings Transform You Into The Mistress of Evil at the Magic Kingdom

We’ve encountered quite a wicked surprise on our stroll through the Magic Kingdom this morning: new glowing, sparkly, and wearable Maleficent wings! Stand out at a nighttime parade or dark Disney attraction with the whimsically-evil wings. One of the cast members we spoke with gave us a great idea: the wings would also complete a Vampirina look!

maleficent wings on shelf

Like the Tinker Bell wings, these wearable Maleficent wings light up and have different light modes. These wings definitely channel the darker side of the fairy world!
maleficent wings on counter purple

maleficent wings counter on multi

The light patterns include flashing, purple, and multicolored.

maleficent wings off

Or, you can turn the wings off and go with the glitter-only look.

maleficent wings close multi

They retail for $28.17 and can be found at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar, which is the gift shop at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom.

maleficent wings glitter on multi

Here’s a close-up of the glitter detailing with multi-colored lights…

maleficent wings glitter on purple

… and a close-up of the glitter with purple lighting.

maleficent wings on shelf

Let’s take a look at some of the other features and the wings’ packaging.

maleficent wings closeup

The packaging is very similar to the Tinker Bell wings, in that they feature a simple drawing of the wings’ namesake.

maleficent wings side back

The black straps are adjustable and allow the wing straps to blend in with a dark shirt or dress.

maleficent wings strap

Maleficent’s silhouette appears on the strap.

maleficent wings back

The wings’ batteries are replaceable, so you’re free to fly around as long as you like!

Can you see your 2020 Halloween costume coming together now? In the comments, let us know how you’d wear your wings.