inside out meet and greet joy front

PHOTOS: New Imagination Land Backdrop Revealed for “Inside Out” Meet and Greet at EPCOT

It appears we now know the focus of the upcoming backdrop for Joy’s “Inside Out” meet and greet at EPCOT! Since our last update about the new meet and greet locations at ImageWorks inside the Imagination! Pavilion, more artistry was added to Joy’s backdrop.

inside out meet and greet joy front

We can see a peak of Princess Dream Castle and a stuffed bear. These elements seem to set the scene at the “Inside Out” Imagination Land theme park, which Joy visits in the movie. With all the goings on inside Imagination Land, we wonder if even more details will be added to the bottom of the backdrop.

inside out meet and greet joy front angle

Construction walls and a black curtain still block our view from the rest of the backdrop. But hopefully, there’s not too much work left to go! Disney seems to really be investing in an experience for this complex backdrop, as opposed to the simple photo background sometimes seen throughout the parks. We can’t wait to take photos with Joy in front of Riley Andersen’s magical imaginary land.

Mickey will be moving right next door, inside the Disney & PIXAR Short Film Festival. He is set to arrive in early 2020, so we can expect Joy to arrive sometime by then, if not before.

What do you think is underneath the black curtain covering the top of the backdrop? An arch of french fries? Or maybe a sparkly “Joy” sign? Drop your best guess in the comments.

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9 months ago

Wow, an Epcot pavilion where you can use the power of imagination to make-believe you’re at…the other park a few miles away!