Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 1

PHOTOS: Mickey’s Gift Station at the Transportation and Ticket Center Closed for Possible Refurbishment

Today on our way out of the Magic Kingdom through the Transportation and Ticket Center, we noticed that Mickey’s Gift Station is currently closed.

Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 1

The gift shop, which usually functions as a last stop for souvenirs, has black plastic lining its windows and doors. The plastic blocks every single window and does not allow anyone to look inside.

Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 3 Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 5

There are no signs posted stating the reason for closure, or when or if the store will reopen.

Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 2

Other than the black plastic blocking the windows, everything else in the area looks normal.

Mickey’s Gift Station closed 12/5/19 6

As no information is currently available on the reason for the closure, for now it can be assumed that this is a refurbishment to bring it up to date along with the other arrival enhancements at various Disney World parks.  The Transportation and Ticket Station recently debuted a new security screening area that was notably void of any color or theming, so it could be that the store is being transformed to match the plain beige interiors of most other newly refurbished stores on property.

Be sure to check back with WDW News Today for more updates on the status of Mickey’s Gift Station.

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