PHOTOS: Newly Expanded Security Screening Area Now Open at Transportation and Ticket Center

If you’re parking at the Transportation and Ticket Center starting today, you’ll want to be aware of a new security screening area that has just opened to guests. We’ve been monitoring the changes at this park hub since initial changes started to take place back in April.

Currently, the old security screening area is now roped off.

Guests are now directed to the new security screening area to the right. You can see where sections of new pavement is looking rather rough. The flooring here used to feature the longstanding Walk Around The World commemorative bricks that have since been removed.

One of the biggest improvements we can see right off the bat is the installation of new overhead lighting. These look far better than the grungy garage-style lights of the old security structures.

The new structure spans numerous bag check tables and metal detectors. Currently, the queues and tables set up are temporary ones, but we expect more permanent bag check tables to be installed soon.

Guests without bags can still head on right in and through a metal detector.

Work is still ongoing on the new tram drop-off structure.

The exits are currently located past these shiny new metal fencing structures. This is similar to the perimeter gate fencing we saw go up with the newly redesigned security screening areas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.

Unless they’re planning on keeping the new structure white and unthemed, we expect the new structure to receive paint to match the overall look of the Transportation and Ticket Center. What do you think of the new structure?

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1 year ago

Just needs some color! :)