fountain view demolition

PHOTOS: Demolition Work Continues on Former Innoventions West Interior at Future World in EPCOT

Rest in peace, old Fountain View. You had a good run.

Demolition began at Fountain View, EPCOT’s Starbucks location, back in September as part of the drastic changes happening to the park. The park’s iconic Fountain of Nations, which stood outside of Fountain View’s main entrance, has already been removed as part of the project. Fountain View is being torn down to make way for World Celebration, one of the new neighborhood concepts coming to EPCOT. Let’s take a closer look at what’s left of Fountain View.

The most drastic change we noticed in our last update was the removal of Fountain View’s signature circular roofing section. Without it, the structure seems bare and the overall demolition process is more noticeable. While we were in the park, we heard numerous guests remarking about the state of the building. Now, it seems like demolition is making its way into the interior of the former CommuniCore/Innoventions West structure.

Sections of the exterior wall have been removed, revealing insulation.

Without the circular roofing, it’s easier to see the demolition happening within the building. It seems the whole structure has been gutted.

It’s difficult to see a building like this go. Fountain View was an integral part of Future World’s appearance. With its demolition, it truly marks the end of Future World as we know it. That being said, we are excited (and a bit anxious) to see what the new neighborhood, World Celebration, will look like. How do you feel about all the changes happening at EPCOT? How are you faring without a Starbucks in the park? Let us know in the comments.

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