PHOTOS: Fountain of Nations Nearly Fully Demolished Ahead of World Celebration Construction at EPCOT

Weeks ago, construction walls went up around the former Fountain of Nations, enveloping that whole area of Future World after Club Cool, Fountain View, and the Innoventions West hallway closed to guests. Since then, work has been underway to dismantle the iconic fountain in order to make way for the upcoming World Celebration, one of the three new neighborhood concepts taking over the current Future World as we know it. Let’s take a closer look at the current state of our beloved defunct fountain.

The fountain has been stripped of its side pedestals where water would cascade down, leaving just the top layer of exposed, calcified, and rusted piping. Even then, most metal valves have also been removed, leaving just rubble of pipes and metal parts at the top.

An entire chunk of the remaining fountain border has also since been removed. You can see that section facing the red excavator.

Demolition seems to be contained, for now, within the fenced and walled-off areas, with minor demolition going on on the periphery of the fountain.

Moving forward, even more sections of fountain will be removed, with the goal to ultimately level out the area for future use.

While no future fountain is set to take its place, the area the Fountain of Nations currently occupies is to become a part of the new World Celebration gardens, which will include a new Festival Center and Dreamers Point.

While it is somewhat painful for EPCOT fans to watch the fountain be demolished into pieces, it’ll be interesting to see how these upcoming plans take shape within the park.

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Jim Hanson
Jim Hanson
1 year ago

i liked the fountain but it was SO LOUD right in the entrance area. removing it will make the park much better for talking and gathering in that area.