PHOTOS: Club Cool, Fountain View, Colortopia, Mickey & Friends Character Spot, and Innoventions West Hallway Now Closed at Epcot

It’s the end of an era for Future World.

Love it or hate it, we’ve all made memories on the sticky floors of Club Cool, the perennially vacant Innoventions West hallway, and yes, even at Fountain View Starbucks.

Yesterday marked the final day for all of these locations ahead of demolition to make way for Epcot’s new Festival Center and a portion of one of the new neighborhood concepts that will comprise the new Epcot: World Celebration. Walls will be going up around these locations, including the Fountain of Nations and its surroundings starting tonight, so this morning guests were confronted with closing signage all over these locations, and we’ve decided to bring you images of the stark reality that is the loss of this chunk of Future World:

Fountain View

All of the Starbucks signage and logos are gone from the facade of Fountain View.

Thankfully, Fountain View should be returning in the near future, with a temporary Starbucks set up in the meantime to hold over coffee lovers. (In the meantime, they’ll just have to make do with Joffrey’s.)

Club Cool

During initial closure announcements, Disney did allude to having Club Cool in their “future plans” for the park, but they haven’t elaborated further on the topic, nor was any reference or successor to Club Cool named during the recent Epcot announcements at the D23 Expo 2019. These new closing signs do hint at a “reimagining” of Club Cool, so our hopes are definitely restored.

Mickey & Friends Character Spot

Mickey & Friends will now be meeting across the breezeway to Character Spot North, where Baymax, Joy, and Sadness are located.

Innoventions West Hallway

Your favorite air-conditioned hangout spot has also closed permanently.

Innoventions East

Innoventions East is also sporting some new construction walls.

Fountain of Nations

Despite scheduled to go behind walls tonight, the Fountain of Nations is still going strong on what will be its last day in operation.

Sleep well, sweet prince,

As we reported yesterday, Art of Disney and Pin Central have both had their closures delayed through December and January, respectively.

Farewell, Future World! Gone… but never forgotten.

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