PHOTOS: New Mickey and Minnie Hoodies Arrive at Walt Disney World

Boy, do I have an EARful of merchandise to tell you about today. This morning, we happily stumbled upon some new Mickey- and Minnie-themed apparel in the Magic Kingdom. Whether you prefer to rock Minnie’s dots or represent Mickey in his signature colors, this new line is rather adorable. Let’s check out what’s available.

Minnie Mouse Hooded Top – $39.99

It rarely gets very cold in Florida, so this short-sleeved hooded shirt is perfect if you still want the luxury of having a hood but don’t want to commit to a long sleeve.

The front features the dotted print from Minnie Mouse’s signature dress, as well as white and yellow stripes to match her accessories. The sleeves mimic the designs on Minnie Mouse’s white gloves.

The back of the shirt also displays “MINNIE” happily across it, in case you’re confused about who this garment references.

Minnie Mouse Hoodie – $64.99

However, if you do tend to get a little chilly waiting for the Happily Ever After fireworks show to start, Disney also rolled out a long sleeve hoodie. This design features Minnie’s dots on the front, as well as her autograph in the upper corner.

Probably the cutest thing about this hoodie, though, is the ear-adorned hood that is finished off with a Minnie Mouse bow! The interior of the hood is lined with the same dotted fabric.

The bottom of the sleeves also feature the same pattern from the short-sleeved hoodie, which mimics Minnie’s white gloves.

Mickey Mouse Hoodie – $64.99

Have no fear, Mickey Mouse is here. Whether you’re looking to match your partner or just a bigger fan of the big cheese himself, there’s also a Mickey version of the hoodie!

This one features Mickey Mouse’s red pants at the bottom of the hoodie.

The hood — while a little more understated — does get the ear treatment as well. The sleeves, on the other hand, are more or less exactly the same on both hoodies.

Mickey’s autograph is in the corner.

You can nab all three of these designs over at Curtain Call Collectibles in the Magic Kingdom! And while you’re there, hop over to Town Square Theatre to show Mickey your new outfit. I’m sure he’ll love it.

So, what do you think? Will you turn in your Spirit Jerseys for these new hoodies? Let us know below!