PHOTOS: New “Stitch Extreme” Candy Line Debuts at Walt Disney World

Move over, Goofy. Stitch now has his very own candy line at the Disney Parks, and it’s far from your basic gummies and lollies. Introducing the new “Stitch Extreme” candy line, featuring a variety of exotic (and not-so-exotic) candies ranging from sour to spicy. You can spot these against all of the usual Goofy’s Candy Co. packaging due to the loud and brightly-colored new logo. Stitch is also seen bursting out from the package, with a small clear window to view the candy contents inside.

The candy line currently features four different varieties: Chewy Candy (noted as Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour), Spicy Mango “Sweet Heat” Gummies, Mini Rainbow Sour Belts, and Sour Taffy.

Spicy Mango “Sweet Heat” Gummies – $6.29

In an effort to discourage sugar-laden candy binges, the packaging does include a built-in resealable zip-close top “for easy portion control” and to keep your snacks fresh.

Chewy Candy (Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour) – $6.29

Mini Rainbow Sour Belts – $6.29

Sour Taffy – $7.99

The Sour Taffy bag is especially huge, making for a great shareable snack or gift for anyone who happens to be a Stitch and taffy fan.

As a huge fan of Stitch myself, I’m delighted that he has his own candy line now. He hasn’t had one since the Stitch’s Xtreme Xperiments sour candy warheads that debuted briefly in 2007. You can find the full line at The Darkroom in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we hope these will be making their rounds across all the parks and resorts soon.

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1 year ago

Are any of these tasty treats Snack Credit eligible?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack

Yes! I got 2 bags just the other day. The sour belts and another not listed here called sour cherry sticks or something close to that.