PHOTOS, VIDEO: Star Wars Episode IX Rise of Skywalker Scenes Debut on Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Tours 1401, you are cleared for departure.

It’s been two years since Star Tours received new sequences, with Crait and Batuu added back in 2017 and Jakku added before then in 2015. With the debut of the final installment in the saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a brand new set of scenes has been added to Star Tours attractions across the globe at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort.

star tours new scene
New posters depicting scenes from the latest movie now adorn the entrance to the attraction.

In a new sequence, travelers now see a hologram of Lando Calrissian preparing them for their mission. It’s nice to see him in the attraction finally!

There’s a surprise batch of dianoga hidden amongst the rubble, a callback to the classic trash compactor scene from “A New Hope”.

The beginning scenes are the same, but Starspeeders now head to the ocean moon known as Kef Bir, which is where we meet Jannah, a human female freedom fighter who, by the time of the First Order–Resistance war, led a tribe of brave and noble warriors. This is also the wreckage site of the Death Star II. Star Tours also finds itself in the middle of the battle at Exegol, putting guests in the middle of a famous battle similar to the original Death Star run in the original version of Star Tours.

Overall, the new scenes feel very somber, and C-3P0 says some very sad things that feel like a goodbye of sorts, maybe lending credence to rumblings of this being the end for this attraction in a few years’ time.

You can check out the entire new sequence in the video below:

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    1. Since they randomize it, how did you know you’d get the new scene when you rode, or did you just take a gamble and get lucky?
    2. Did you have to put the 3-D glasses in front of your phone, or whatever recording device you used, to make it clear and watchable?

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