What do you think of our awesome Joffrey's custom latte art creation?

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Learn How to Make Your Own Custom Latte Art at Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Disney Springs

Many of us require a good cup of coffee to start our day, and Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company locations around the resort have us covered. For those that like their coffee a little more Instagrammable, several locations around property offer Disney-themed latte art for an additional $0.50. This really isn’t a bad price to pay to see Mickey smiling at you first thing in the morning. Now Joffrey’s is even allowing us to create our very own custom latte art with whatever logo or photo we want. That’s right, you can now start your day with your very own face on a latte…

Or in this case, Tony Ragu’s face from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. (If you haven’t seen WDW News Tonight’s Tony’s Very Microwaved Christmas Special, you’re missing out.)

Take a look at our custom latte and how we made it.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice a tablet set up off to the side of the registers. You’ll be able to browse a variety of latte art on the Ripples app on the tablet.

There’s also an option to access the camera on the tablet to take a selfie for your latte art. If you’re not looking your very best before your coffee, you can even upload your very own image to the app!

Just download the Ripples app to your phone, open the app, and choose your location. The same latte art will appear, but there will also be a place to select and upload a photo from your phone. We know just the photo we want to use:

It’s Tony time.

After we upload the image on the app, we can resize it and move it around to our liking. Once we’re satisfied, we confirm our order and receive a number. You’ll go to the register, pay for your drink, and provide the Cast Members the number for your order.

It doesn’t take very long to complete the order, either. You can choose an iced or hot latte, but we’re told the images show up better on the hot lattes. We’re pretty pleased with our white chocolate gingerbread latte, complete with Tony Ragu, for just $6.19.

We made our very own latte at the Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea location at Disney Springs, located across from the Boathouse. We might be hooked on making our very own latte art now. (If you’re not as impressed with latte art, be sure to check out the special offerings from Joffrey’s for the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays.) You can also get free latte art with the purchase of a latte during 12 Days of Joffrey’s, exclusive to this Disney Springs location until Christmas.

And if you’re still curious about how latte art is made or the process to make your own custom latte, be sure to check out our video below:

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1 year ago

Face pareidolia – seeing images of Jesus, Virgin Mary, Elvis, or Tony in objects such as toast, shrouds, clouds, and latte foam.