VIDEO: Guests Climbs On Stage, Damaging Props on Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

1920s Carousel of Progress scene

VIDEO: Guests Climbs On Stage, Damaging Props on Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

1920s Carousel of Progress scene

VIDEO: Guests Climbs On Stage, Damaging Props on Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom

While there are certainly daily occurrences of Guest disruptiveness at Disney Parks, this one is a little more unusual. Today, a video surfaced showing two Guests in the 1900’s scene of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom. One Guest proceeded to “use” the butter churn on stage, while the other attempted to remove the intruding Guest. The video (courtesy of YouTube user BigSurgz) can be seen below.

The second Guest attempted to remove the blue-shirted Guest from the stage to no avail. The guest instead laid on the floor near Rover and refused to budge. It is unknown whether the defiant Guest was disabled or intoxicated, etc. However, he was eventually removed from the stage.

Reportedly, Guests were unable to exit the performance for three further showings. Accounts of the incident vary, with some stating fellow Guests assisted in removing the individual, while others reported that a Cast Member later intervened. While details are currently foggy, there is one certainty: DO NOT attempt to enter sets on any attraction or show. You will be considered a trespasser and could potentially face removal from the park, fines, or even a ban.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story.

34 thoughts on “VIDEO: Guests Climbs On Stage, Damaging Props on Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom”

  1. I am so sick of people thinking its ok (and some even thonk its their right) to damage other peoples things. I hope wdw prosecutes.

  2. What is wrong with people today. You have no right to do this type of thing. If they’re injured they sue Disney for not having proper safety.
    It’s not a wild west bar. They shouldn’t have to put up floor to ceiling fences. Grow up people!!!!

  3. How sad that someone did this. The Carousel of Progress is a wonderful experience of how Walt Disney felt about life. My wife and I love singing along with the music.

    • Having dealt with people on hard drugs, I can tell you this was no standard alcoholic. That kid is tripping on acid or XTC for sure, the look on his face is telling.

      Also, Magic Kingdom is the one park where its very rare to find alcohol, seemingly only available at select few sit down restaurants in the park.

  4. That is awful. Why in God’s green earth would you do that? I hope the one who tried to stop him doesn’t get banned too.

  5. I remember when I had my first beer.

    Another stupid Millennial ruining it for everybody else. Wait for railings to come up around the attraction because of this moron.
    I hope he’s banned for life.

    • Hi! Stupid millennial here. I wouldn’t dream of doing something like this. In fact, I don’t know anyone who would. So let’s stop over generalizing and get out from the opinionated based news bubble, shall we? Plenty of people, from all generations (Including yours, I’m sure) and the like, make stupid decisions.

    • Do people not understand that “Millennials” are now in their mid 20s and 30s? This individual looks like they could even be a minor.

    • Proud parent of four responsible Millennials here who would never behave this way (if in fact, it’s found that this was somehow alcohol/drug-related). This has nothing to do with age.

    • I’m a Baby Boomer, and I remember how a lot of people generalized about how bad we were in the 1960s. So I’m not going to generalize about Millennials.

    • With the exception of sit down dining, Magic Kingdom is dry. To buy any alcohol guests must have a meal at a sit down dining location where Cast Members are only allowed to serve guests 2 drinks per ID. Unless family members all gave their drinks to a single individual or they somehow attended multiple dining locations in a matter of 2 hours, there is no way the guest got like from alcohol purchased in-park.

  6. That cretin should be immediately punished by Disney in the most severe manner. Once again an unwanted and unwelcome day guest shows nothing but rude and disrespectful behavior by ruining the experience for true Disney fans. Time and time again my partner and I have witnessed loutish, destructive, and dangerous behavior on Disney property by guest that really have no business. Until Disney does a better job at screening the individuals that come on to the property better, revolting behavior such as this will only get worse.

  7. We saw this incident towards the ending. Emts met them as they exited COP and the 1 guy tried to calm the other. He then suddenly became combative to the emt & Disney security arrived. As a psych nurse I was impressed with Disney’s staff psychiatric training towards deescalation. I hope all are doing well

  8. That’s called being intoxicated. Please don’t lump in those that have mental disabilities with those who feel Disney is a big party serving drink after drink.

    • You’re lumping in people who enjoy a drink with hard drug users, this dude isn’t drunk, he’s tripping on something hard. Know the difference.

    • At MK, you can only get two drinks per adult (with ID) at a sit down restaurant. If the guest was drunk, it wasn’t because they were overserved at MK.

  9. Oh look….a millenial…what the hell is wrong with kids? We did some stupid crap in the 70s and 80s, don’t get me wrong, but in an age where EVERYTHING is recorded, I have to question the mental comprehension level of today’s kids.

    • So, because you weren’t recorded, it made the stupid things you did okay? I’m confused. I guess I’m just a stupid millennial though. Stupid people do stupid things. It doesn’t matter what generation they are from, or if they are being recorded.

    • This dude and his buddy look pretty young, they’re the generation after millennials, known as Gen Z. That said, this guy is higher than the Tower of Terror, I’ve seen a guy trip out on Mucinex (no joke!) that looked and acted the way this kid did.

  10. We often say Disney is not like it used to be. Well, case in point. It’s individuals like this and similar who lack respect and self awareness, with no respect of their surroundings that make it that way. Adults and kids alike and parents who allow their kids to damage things. Sadly, it’s increasing. This is why we can’t have nice things. Or if we do get something nice, this is why it won’t necessarily last.

    • Kids died on the old DL peoplemover by goofing off and jumping cars. Or that kid whose body was dragged by the monorail after trying to sneak in. Or what about the hippie take over? Grad night shenanigans? A kid drowning trying to sneak onto Tom Sawyer island after dark with his brother? And those are just the ones worth printing. Dumb kids do dumb stuff, always have and always will. Especially if drugs are involved. Now we just have more chances to record in real time and share broadly

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