Colombian Couple Arrested for Theft on Disney Resort Line Monorail at Tokyo Disney Resort

Often, people consider Japan one of the safest countries in the world, with an extremely low crime rate. But that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Even at Tokyo Disney Resort, crime can still happen. And that seems to be the case today, as a Colombian couple are suspected of theft from a woman’s purse. The incident occurred at a Disney Resort Line station.

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According to Fuji News Network, Aldana Velasquez, 32, and Leon Gutierrez, 33, removed a wallet containing ¥110,000 ($1,015) from a 52 year-old Japanese woman’s purse in December 2019. Noticing her bag was lighter, the woman began her pursuit while dialing 110. 110 is the Japanese equivalent to 911 or 999.

Police arrested the couple on-site for failure to carry their passports. It’s the law to carry identification with you if you’re not a Japanese citizen. Police are also investigating whether this relates to two reported thefts at Tokyo Disneyland on the same day.

Security is increasing at Tokyo Disney Resort in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. Metal detectors are on their way to both parks, and security patrols are on the rise. Often, you can find Disney Resort Line Cast Members or security staff riding trains.

Folks, please be wise while traveling. Especially to a country that is not your own. You’re a representative of your country and culture, and it does you no good to do something stupid like pickpocketing. Use common sense and enjoy your trip! Don’t fall in to the notoriously draconian Japanese justice system.

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