Disney Axes the ‘Fox’ Name From the Movie Studios, Fate Unclear for Fox Television Studios

20th Century Fox, the 85-year-old movie studio is no more. Well, it still exists but Disney is dropping the “Fox” from the name and changing the name to 20th Century Studios, mirroring the 20th Century Pictures name the studio had in 1933 before the merger Fox Film in 1935.

Fox Searchlight Pictures will also have a name change, now being called simply Searchlight Pictures. Decisions on the name of 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios have not been made at this time, but discussions are taking place.

The change of removing “Fox” from associated properties has been ongoing with work emails being changed and credits for movies, including “Downhill” featuring Will Ferrell, reflecting the new Fox-less name. The logos of the companies won’t be altered, save for the removal of Fox, and the iconic theme song will remain.

Source: Variety

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