Cinderella’s Castle

Gun Confiscated at Magic Kingdom Security Checkpoint After Guest Forgot Weapon in His Bag

A 35-year-old Missouri man was stopped at Magic Kingdom bag check after it was discovered there was a weapon in his bag. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the man and his wife told security at bag check that they had an unloaded pistol in their bag.

Cinderella’s Castle

This incident occurred on December 28, 2019, when the couple tried to enter the Magic Kingdom with their 4-year-old daughter. The gun, a black Ruger LCP .380, was in a carrying bag, inside a purse, and secured in a backpack.

The man stated that they forgot that the gun, which the man bought for his wife for protection, was inside the purse, as they had numerous bags with their 18-person party visiting Walt Disney World. According to the couple, they both have concealed weapon permits in Missouri, though this was not verified by the Orange County Sheriff.

There were no arrests and the couple was not banned from the park and instead, the Sherrif’s Office kept the weapon. “They felt it was a mistake on the part of the guest and were satisfied with taking the weapon for safekeeping,” according to the report.

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