PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update for Entrance Enhancements (Tram Loop, Entrance Plaza, and Pathway Work) at EPCOT (1/15/20)

EPCOT’s ongoing entrance transformation is in full gear, so we stopped by for the latest update on the work.

Over towards the east side of the parking lot, work continues behind the construction walls. Large-scale digging is ongoing here with new utility lines going in.

Work on the new pavement on the east side of the park entrance continues to progress. The first large segment of walkway has been poured with framing for new planters going in.

Support beams for the new security screening area are starting to rise up from the footings in the ground.

Inside the park, work to remove the old pathways where the Leave a Legacy monoliths were located has begun.

This large section will be remodeled to look like a mirror of the already completed east side of the entrance plaza.

Work on the entrance fountain continues.

Workers have removed the tiles that were in place last week after testing for the water flow was performed.

Construction on the breezeway in front of Gateway Gifts is quickly ramping up. Large sections have already been removed.

From behind, we can see the construction work happening ahead of repaving of the breezeway.

Back outside of the turnstiles, the west side of the green space behind the security screening area continues to see landscaping work march towards completion.

That does it for our visit to the EPCOT entrance. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates from the Disney parks.