PHOTOS: EPCOT Future World Construction Update (1/23/20)

Today, we stopped by Future World in EPCOT to see the latest updates on some of the construction projects in the area.

The restrooms outside of Test Track continue to see work both inside and outside of the building.

Work on some utility lines behind the old Taste Track location has moved farther up the hill.

From the ground, rolling green planters block the view from guests, but the equipment on site rises farther above the sightline.

Work on repaving the pathway here is also ongoing.

Outside of Test Track’s exit and gift shop, walls are now up as landscaping work continues as part of the ride’s ongoing planned maintenance and refurbishment.

Nearby, the pavement and landscaping work happening adjacent to the playground behind Mouse Gear continues to move forward.

As we told you yesterday, the former home of Club Cool and Fountainview Cafe has been completely removed.

Only one cast member was on site with some equipment, but otherwise the site was relatively quiet.

The ongoing mystery of the wall that is going up between The Land and Imagination! has captivated us over the past few visits. This large frame looks like the beginnings of a retaining wall, but for what purpose we are not yet sure. The area in front of the wall has been flattened, leading to the possibility of new walkways being installed here.

Work at the future home for Moana Journey of Water has gone quiet as well. Since the progress of this project depends on the removal of the second half of Innoventions West, it is likely this will remain in a state of paused progress until the former home of Art of Disney is removed.

That does it for our trip around Future World. Let us know in the comments below which project you’re most looking forward to seeing completed.

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Krystal Smithers
Krystal Smithers
1 year ago

Do we know when the refurbishment shall be completed?

Mary Hardin-Moore
Mary Hardin-Moore
1 year ago

Chris, any idea of the closing date for Spaceship Earth? I haven’t been in several years due to health issues. But as I grew up going to the parks, I’ll try hard if I have a closing date to work for.