PHOTOS: Details Added to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Courtyard and France Expansion at EPCOT

Work on the upcoming France pavilion expansion has seen some detail work begin to ramp up this week. We decided to stop by to look at the latest progress.

Approaching the site, you can see a large crane with workers working on window details while other workers were attending to the ledges.

Approaching La Creperie de Paris, workers were on scaffolding attending to the walls along the outside of the building.

Next to the restrooms, crew were unpacking new materials for the facade.

Heavy work on the roofing was also in progress.

From the other side, we spotted crews laying more framing for paving along the far walkway and working on exterior siding.

Paving of walkways is nearly completed, with frame work up for some planters. that will line the paths inside the expansion.

Detail work on the posts near the Ratatouille fountain is continuing.

Roofing work continues throughout the construction site.

More metal work has continued over towards the ride queue.

The background facade continues to see more painting completed with workers all over the scaffolding today.

Backstage, the large crane continues to lift materials into the site.

That does it for our latest update in France. Stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest construction coverage throughout the Disney parks.