PHOTOS: Legends of Hollywood Undergoing Exterior Refurbishment; Neon Stripped from Signage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Legends of Hollywood reopened last August after an extensive remodel of the store’s interior, but now it seems work on refreshing the exterior has begun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Scrim-lined scaffolding now flanks the store entrance. These surround the walls where old-timey posters of Mickey Mouse cartoons were displayed inside cases, as well as store merchandise displays. If you look closely at the Legends of Hollywood sign, you’ll see that it’s been stripped of all neon elements, with only the small metal posts remaining.

The scrim wraps around the sides of the building and around to the store’s second entrance.

If you look closely at the signage, you’ll notice that the neon is missing here as well.

Even the neon underneath the overhang has been removed. Hopefully, we’ll see the return of refreshed neon lighting, as it’s a big part of the theming for the park’s overall aesthetic. Thankfully, the classic ticket window in the middle appears unscathed, but with extensive exterior work taking place, we fear for it as well.

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