PHOTOS: Metal Roofing Added to New EPCOT Entrance Security Structure, More Entrance Updates

Work on the entrance at EPCOT continues to “keep moving forward”.

Guests walking up to the security checkpoint on the east side of the park entrance are greeted by the large looming frame of the new security screening structure.

This structure now features completed columns and the frame for the roof.

From above, we can see that several metal panels have been added to the roof here as progress continues.

Work on repaving that section of the park entrance pathway continues as more frame work is put up for sidewalk dividers.

Work on finishing the green fencing for the exit is nearly complete as more landscaping is finished.

Inside the park entrance, work on laying new utility lines under the sidewalk has begun. Large-scale digging is ongoing as work to resurface this half of the entry courtyard continues.

Work on the new entrance fountain is also moving forward with resurfacing work continuing.

Repaving the walkway by what will eventually be the entrance to the Innoventions East bypass continues to show signs of moving forward with new framing installed for sidewalks.

The bypass is nearly complete with the exception of this paving work.

Back near the park exit towards the bus stations, we can see landscaping work continues here as well.

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