PHOTOS: New Neff Branded Disney Clothing Line Debuts at Disneyland

Trendsetters better be alert, a new line of Neff clothing with Disney designs has dropped at Disneyland. Our reporter found all these new items at the Adventureland Bazaar in Disneyland Park.

Let’s take a look!

Neff Mickey Hoodie – $60.00

This black hoodie features a colorful and stylized text on the front spelling “Mickey”. The right sleeve features multiple Mickey’s in a variety of colors and the left the Neff logo by the cuff.

Neff Minnie Hoodie – $60.00

This hoodie is identical to the previous one save for the fact it says “Minnie”, has Minnie Mouse on the right sleeve, and is a white hoodie.

Neff Mickey Crewneck – $50.00

Similar to the Mickey Mouse hoodie, this crewneck sweater features six Mickey’s in a circle, each a different color. The right sleeve has the text “Mickey” in the same style as the hoodie, and once again the Neff logo is located on the left sleeve by the cuff.

Neff Mickey Black T-Shirt – $28.00

A colorful and stylish Mickey Mouse is front and center on this t-shirt, with the same “Mickey” text also on the front arranged on its side. The Neff logo can be found on the left sleeve once again.

Neff Mickey Blue T-Shirt – $28.00

A much simpler shirt, this design features Mickey’s head and him throwing up a “peace” sign. The same “Mickey” text is on this shirt, but much smaller and below the design.

Neff Minnie Pink and White Shirt – $32.00

Much like the previous Mickey shirt, this design is of Minnie’s head and has the text “Minnie” located below the design. Also, here’s a look at the printed garment tag if you are interested.

Neff Minnie T-Shirt – $28.00

Once again, this is nearly identical to the Mickey t-shirt but features Minnie Mouse and “Minnie” text instead.

We really like this trendy and unique line produced by the clothing brand Neff. Will you be picking any of these up on your next visit to Disneyland?

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Donald Walk
Donald Walk
8 months ago

This Neff merchandise debuted over a week ago, but thanks for the LATE information.

Tom Corless
8 months ago
Reply to  Donald Walk

Start your own blog.

8 months ago

Hey there was a white womens safari hat on the back of the Center entry table, I think right by those shirts. I forgot to see who made that hat? Do you have any idea? I should have bought it!!! Haha