PHOTOS: New Splash Mountain “I Brer’ly Got Wet” Secret Message Apparel Arrives at the Magic Kingdom

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Everybody’s got a laughing place… unfortunately, our laughing place is currently closed for refurbishment. Oddly enough, a new line of Splash Mountain merchandise has arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time for the attraction to go down. Even if we can’t take the plunge into the briar patch, we can pick up some new merchandise to wear when they reopen.

Br’er Rabbit Tank – $34.99

This gray tank top with a high neckline features Br’er Rabbit, clearly soaked. Should you happen to wear this shirt while riding Splash Mountain, or just during a 3 o’clock rain shower, a special message with appear.

With just a little water, “I Brer’ly Got Wet” appears above Br’er Rabbit.


Lookin’ Fer Trouble Hoodie – $49.99

If you’ve gotten soaked on the attraction, this zip up hoodie will warm you up.

The back of the hoodie features Br’er Rabbit, hanging out and “lookin’ fer trouble”.

Youth “I Brer’ly Got Wet” Shirt – $19.99

Br’er Bear, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Rabbit have made a splash on this bright blue youth shirt. This is another shirt that reveals a message when wet.

“I Brer’ly Got Wet” is revealed along the top of the shirt when it gets wet.

We hope this is a sign of even more new Splash Mountain themed merchandise to arrive in the future. These new items can be found in the Briar Patch at the Magic Kingdom. Will you be heading over to Frontierland to pick up any of this “satisfactual” Splash Mountain apparel?