PHOTOS: New Brer Fox and Brer Bear Splash Mountain Plush Make Long-Awaited Plunge into the Briar Patch at Magic Kingdom

Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear are on a mission to “knock Br’er Rabbit’s head clean off”, and now that they’ve arrived at the Briar Patch in the Magic Kingdom, I wouldn’t be smilin’ if I were that bunny. We first saw the arrival of the adorable plush Br’er Rabbit to the Briar Patch back in July 2018, but it seems his no-good friends have now joined him.

Yeah, we need to make these a part of our Laughin’ Place, alright.

Br’er Bear Plush – $29.99

Br’er Bear includes his signature vest, hat, and of course, his club.

Just another Maintenance Report success story.


It’s the truth, it’s actual.

Br’er Fox Plush – $26.99

Br’er Fox also has his signature getup.

He looks as cute as he is sinister.

You sly old fox, you.

Will you be adding these plush to your collection? You wouldn’t want Br’er Rabbit to be left by his lonesome, now, would you?

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