“Toy Story 4” Still #1 At The Box Office This Weekend; “Avengers: Endgame” Moving Closer To Record

“Toy Story 4” battled the competition this weekend and emerged victorious at the box office for a second weekend in a row. “Toy Story 4” brought in $58 million domestically and $139 million bringing its worldwide box office total to $497 million.

“Toy Story 4” beat newcomers “Annabelle Comes Home”, which earned $31.2 million for its opening domestic debut and “Yesterday”, which earned $17 million with its debut.

“Aladdin” continues to impress at the box office. “Aladdin” has now made $874 million worldwide, which is great news for Disney since the cost of making the film was only $183 million.

This weekend, Marvel re-released “Avengers: Endgame” with additional bonus footage, expanding the number of theaters showing the film from 985 theaters to 2,025 theaters. Unfortunately, the additional footage seemed as though it did not have much of an impact to its box office. “Endgame” made $5.5 million domestically and an additional $2.3 million internationally, bringing its world wide box office total to $2.761 billion.

“Avatar” currently holds the record with $2.788 billion. “Endgame” will have to come up with an additional $27 million before it ends its theatrical run, which should be very soon, since “Endgame” will be released to home video digitally on July 30th.

Source: THR

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