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PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 7/1/19 (New Lion King Sipper Cup, 4th of July Cupcake, Construction Updates, and More!)

Jambo friends, and welcome to a walk around Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This park always makes me feel like I’m ready for adventure, so let’s go ahead and get one started!

Disney's animal kingdom tree of life

Disney's animal kingdom

expedition Everest

Kicking things off with a couple new pieces of merch today. In Discovery Trading Company, a couple new plushes showed up this morning.

dream friends plush

It’s a new collection of plushes called Dream Friends, and there’s a Mickey and Minnie Mouse in pajamas sleeping. However, Mickey in particular looks to be in a bit of a compromising position, and after that was pointed out to me, I can’t unsee it, and therefore this will not be one I’m adding to my collection. If you want to though, no judgment, and you can pick one up for $34.95.

dream friends plush

lion king friendship necklaces

I also spotted this new set of friendship necklaces. They’re priced at $19.99, but personally I still like the Wreck It Ralph set we showed you yesterday, but if you prefer The Lion King, these are cute too.

lion king friendship necklaces

A new sipper cup arrived at the cart across from Tamu Tamu refreshments. It’s priced at $10.99, which honestly feels reasonable for a sipper to me, but maybe I’ve just been conditioned to Disney Parks prices at this point. Check out the post to see what’s on the back, though!

lion king sipper

animal kingdom club 33

Checking in on the construction progress at the upcoming Club 33 location, and there wasn’t a lot going on today. You can still see the fake rock in the background holding on to existence.

harambe market

There’s continued construction towards the back of the seating area in the Harambe Market. You can see a new covering of some sort behind those construction walls. More seating for the upcoming Circle of Flavors: Harambe at Night dining experience, possibly?

maharajah jungle trek

Moving on to the Maharajah Jungle Trek, my personal favorite part of Animal Kingdom, and it looks like the bats are getting ready to make a comeback after being missing for quite some time. Well, I suppose this isn’t technically a comeback, because the Cast Member here stated that it was a whole new family of bats, and they were still adjusting to their new habitat before being ready to be on display for Guests.

maharajah jungle trek

It’s always a good day when you get to spot a tiger, and this kitty was living his best life and enjoying a snooze.

primeval whirl

Primeval Whirl remained closed today. But it’s looking like they’re planning to have whatever issue that caused this unscheduled downtime and maintenance resolved soon, as the ride is scheduled to reopen on July 4th.

4th of July cupcake

Last but not least, the first of what I’m sure will be more 4th of July treats showed up at Restaurantosaurus today. SURPRISE, it’s a specialty cupcake, and make sure you check out the full review to see what we thought!


That’s all for my day around Animal Kingdom! Keep checking WDWNT for all of the latest updates! See ya real soon!