PHOTOS: Removal of Innoventions West Building Segments Begins at EPCOT

The much anticipated removal of the former home of Club Cool and Fountain View has finally begun at EPCOT. Today, we stopped by to check out the site.

Guests walking past the former Innoventions West building were treated to the view of a much smaller frame today.

“Welcome to the future. Or, should I say, your future.”

From above, we can see that many of the central support poles inside the building have been removed all the way to the breezeway.

At the end of the building frame, the remaining glass windows and the stairway are completely gone. Work to remove the building is happening in sections, rather than all at once.

Looking towards the former Fountain of Nations, we can see a now completely flattened piece of land with large construction equipment being stored.

Looking into the site, we can see more red tape is up inside.

From the far side, you can see all the way through the framework.

That does it from EPCOT. Stay tuned as we monitor the latest on this project.


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