PHOTOS: Retro Walt Disney World Purses Groove into Select Stores

Two new retro Walt Disney World purses have made their way into stores at the resort. These purses are truly groovy and evoke the look and feel of yesterday at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Let’s take a look!

Red Retro Castle Walt Disney World Purse – $29.99

This purse features a weathered and retro Walt Disney World logo printed on faux leather.

The back of the purse features another retro-style logo printed in a pattern for a very cool look.

The interior of the purse is a simple red design, so not as cool as the eye-popping exterior.

Blue Retro Walt Disney World Purse – $24.99

Now, this is one groovy bag! Walt Disney World is printed on the bag in a weathered design with truly retro colors that make this bag fit for the 1970’s or 80’s.

The back of the purse features an equally groovy and colorful castle design that also features the weathered look of the front design.

At least this purse has a contrasting interior color to add another dimension to the look.

We found these two purses at Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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