The Pirates League Closing at the Magic Kingdom on July 27

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The Pirates League Closing at the Magic Kingdom on July 27

The seaworthy hideaway known as The Pirates League inside the Magic Kingdom is finally coming to a close after being open since 2009.

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At this Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique-style location, guests young and old can be transformed into pirates or mermaids.

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The final date of operation for The Pirates League will be July 27, 2020, so make sure you get your final swashbuckling makeovers in before the summer is over.

The Pirates League is located between the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean and Plaza del Sol Bazaar. You can check out their packages by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “The Pirates League Closing at the Magic Kingdom on July 27”

  1. It would be nice to see that space changed back into a gift shop (I believe it’s original name was The House of Treasure) rather than utilized for storage. Ideally, they could move some of the bric-a-brac currently crowding the courtyard/plaza into the shop. Along the same lines, they should reopen the shop on the other side of the courtyard (I don’t recall its name). Wishful thinking.

  2. So sad! :( I really liked how this was something that my son could do while my daughter does the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (and she liked it here as well!) We will be so sad that it’s gone the next time we are back :( And even if they opened in another location, it was perfect where it was right by Pirates! I wonder why it’s closing?

  3. This is terrible! This experience is MUCH better than the way over-priced BBB, and as a mother of 3 girls, we have done all the locations for the BBB. The mermaid makeover here is so much prettier than anything at the BBB. My son loves getting his face painted like the skeleton or black beard. You get a pirate name and take an oath to boot!

  4. I doubt no one will miss it after this is gone. Coming from someone that grew up with this park I never had pirate version of boutique shop. Boys want to swashbuckle not get both their hair styled & nails painted. Disney needs to re-evaluate their marketing strategies on winning back boys instead of dumbing them down in entertainment programs and advertising campaigns for the sake of promoting a female President someday.

  5. This is sad to hear. I actually worked on this a little bit (mostly internal releases for Cast Members, though I did get ONE thing on the show floor), as it was prepping for opening.

  6. Is there a petition to sign against this? We need a place for the girls who don’t care about princess, but can still do something cool to dress up. And the boys also want a cool place to be able to dress up. This is very sad to me. If it wasn’t making money then they should have pushed it as hard as the Bippy Boppity

    • It is a pretty unfortunate about The Pirates League closing :( I wish Disney had something that caters to tomboys.

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