Parisian Caricature Kiosk to Close at the France Pavilion in EPCOT on May 1st

The France Pavilion at EPCOT is set to close its artist stand on May 1st for undisclosed reasons. The Rubio Arts cart that specialized in caricature drawings was a quaint touch for the Parisian-style borough. It tied together the French feeling of the area, making you feel as if you were walking just in front of Notre Dame de Paris with its various crepe stands, and locked-up bikes from passersby.

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This stand served as a respite for those traveling around World Showcase that wanted to sit down and pose for a piece of uniquely made art.

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Whether it was parasol painting, caricature work, or even your family’s own silhouette, the opportunity for these keepsakes was a wonderful addition to the France Pavilion.

Parisian Caricature Cart5.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2 Parisian Caricature Cart6.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Parisian Caricature Cart4.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

We are unsure of the reason for the closure. It could be explained by all the work going on in the area. With the addition of the Disney Skyliner as well as the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the France Pavilion is seeing many changes to improve guest traffic flow and widen up as many paths as possible.

Did you ever stop by this stand to get a family memento? What do you think they will do with the space when this stand is removed? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Parisian Caricature Kiosk to Close at the France Pavilion in EPCOT on May 1st”

  1. I heard its simply to create free space for strollers (ratatouille ride). They should just relocate the artists. Because what is left of world showcase when you cut down too much on real human interactivity? There are so many people who love to go there and have their artwork made on every visit to epcot.

  2. This is not fair at all. They should relocate them.This part of Epcot’s guest experience is gold. They are here since 20 years. And Rubio Arts Corp was made by Walt Disney and his friend Jess Rubio themselves. Stopping this is terrible .This is a pure waste of Walt’s will. There is space enough in this park. Relocate them. No fake excuses. Or don’t say you want the best experience for Guests.

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