PHOTOS: New 2020-21 Tokyo Disney Resort Annual Passport Designs Revealed

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New 2020-21 Tokyo Disney Resort Annual Passport Designs Revealed

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New 2020-21 Tokyo Disney Resort Annual Passport Designs Revealed

If you’re a frequent visitor to Tokyo Disney Resort (as we obviously are), you probably hold a plastic Annual Passport design card. And every year, we always look forward to seeing the new artistic design. Some, like the 2018-19 design commemorating the 35th anniversary celebration, are spot-on impressive. Others, like this past years’, not so much. Seems they’re moving in a good direction though, as the 2020-21 designs return to real character and location depictions. And they feature three of our favorite Disney friends!

Tokyo Disney Resort Two-Park Annual Passport

annual design 2park2020.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=563&ixlib=php 1.2

The Two-Park Annual Passport features photorealistic Mickey along with iconic landscapes from both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The primary color is orange, with photos of Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle and Mickey’s House, and Mount Prometheus and Mermaid Lagoon from Tokyo DisneySea.

Tokyo Disneyland Annual Passport

design annual2020 tdl01.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=563&ixlib=php 1.2

One of the weird quirks about Tokyo Disney Resort is that you can buy an annual pass to just one of the parks. Although why you would is entirely beyond me. The Tokyo Disneyland passport features scenes from Toontown, including Mickey’s House, Minnie’s House, and the Toontown City Hall along with Minnie Mouse. I’m a bit disappointed, I was hoping at least this pass would have pictures of the New Fantasyland expansion.

Tokyo DisneySea Annual Passport

design annual2020 tds01.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=563&ixlib=php 1.2

Okay honestly, this might be the best design of all three. Featuring Duffy with a Cape Cod backdrop, I can think of a few Duffy fans who might skip Disneyland entirely just for this adorable design. What if we just had Duffy on the main passport instead? That would be great.

I’m pretty excited to pick up the new Mickey design this year! Do these designs make you want to pick up a new Annual Passport? Do you visit Tokyo enough to warrant an AP? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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