PHOTOS: A Closer Look at the Remy Courtyard Fountain and More Details Added to France Pavilion Expansion at EPCOT

If you heard tiny squeaks of excitement coming from the Disney Skyliner, that was probably us rejoicing at the sight of the new fountain in the France Pavilion. We got a glimpse the other day, but today we got a better look and can even make out some of the details. Things are moving along quickly towards the summer 2020 opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and La Creperie de Paris here at EPCOT. Check out even more details to the new fountain that was recently added, as well as other touches throughout the pavilion expansion.

The tiered fountain will definitely be a beautiful sight to see when the work around the pavilion finishes this year. We can’t wait to take cute photos in front of the fountain!

Looking closely, we can start to make out some details on the fountain. There are tiny rats engraved onto the center tiers.

You can even see the top of the fountain over the buildings as you ride the Disney Skyliner.

We can’t wait to see this fountain in action when it’s completed.

Elsewhere throughout the pavilion, you can see new lights along the buildings, as well as work being done on one of the main balconies. Recesses in the walls hold pipes and other utilities that will then be covered up.

Here, we look out over the roof of La Creperie, which just needs final accents like paint, tiles, and roofing to be finished.

The wrought-iron, open-air greenhouses that will act as extended queues (for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure) and outdoor seating for La Creperie are receiving final touches.

Meanwhile, the 2-D France facade lining the top of the attraction building has been fully finished. The backdrop is hand-painted, and inspired by the Haussman-style architecture found throughout most of Paris.

France Pavilion

We’ll be flying over EPCOT on a regular basis to bring you all the latest details on the France Pavilion, so be sure to keep following WDWNT for this and more exciting updates from to Walt Disney World.

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Clive Simmons
Clive Simmons
1 year ago

Great to see this area near completion. The fountain in the courtyard at Disneyland Paris looks the same. It’s lovely Remy on the top holding a spoon and rats supporting wine bottles shooting water on the middle tier. I cant see how to post a picture of it on here.