PHOTOS: New Disney Ink & Paint Merchandise (Colorable Mickey Plush, Mystery Tin Sorcerer Mickey, Pin Set, Magnet Easels) Add a Pop of Color to Walt Disney World

A brand new collection of merchandise has started to arrive around Disney Parks. The new “Ink and Paint” line has started to trickle into Walt Disney World, showing up in small batches. The items that have already been released in Disneyland have given us a little sneak preview of what is to come, so we’re anxiously awaiting the collection to arrive at Walt Disney World. We found a few things available at Disney Springs, so let’s take a closer look.

Mickey Plush and Backpack – $39.99

Get creative and customize your own Mickey plush and backpack with this new set.

You can decorate Mickey and the bag any way you want.

This is perfect for on-the-go!

It even comes with 5 washable markers.

Mystery Tin – $19.99

Ink and Paint Mystery Tin

Fans of mystery boxes or blind bags will enjoy this tin. Each tin contains one random Sorcerer Mickey plush.

This is going to be a struggle to get all 5!

Magnet Set – $24.99

Ink and Paint magnets

This magnet set comes with an easel and 3 canvas-like drawings.

Lady and the Tramp, Sorcerer Mickey, and Alice are all partially sketched and partially painted in. The background has a textured appearance, like canvas, and features sketches of many other Disney animated characters.

Pin Set – $27.99

Ink and Paint 4 pin set

This 4 pin set is open edition and features “Melody Time”, “Fun and Fancy Free”, and “Ben and Me”.

These pins have a lot of detail, from the color guide to the holes at the bottom of the animators paper.

We know this is just the start to all of “Ink and Paint” items coming to Walt Disney World. Be sure to keep following for more updates and let us know in the comments which items you’re excited to add to your collection.