PHOTOS: New “Onward” Merchandise (Apparel, Plush, Toys, and More) Venture Into Walt Disney World

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The new Disney·Pixar movie “Onward” is debuting on March 6, and to celebrate the upcoming premiere, all new merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World!

Onward, starring Chris Pratt (Star Lord in Marvel’s “Guardians of The Galaxy”), and Tom Holland (Spiderman), tells the story of two brothers who are on a quest to have one last day with their father. Venturing into the Emporium in Magic Kingdom this morning, we were met with a brand new full display of Onward merchandise.

Onward Merchandise

Plush Dolls – $26.99

Barley Plush

Ian Plush

Manticore Mascot Plush

Wilden Lightfoot Plush

Blazey Plush – $19.99

Onward Quest Youth Shirt – $19.99

Onward Quest Shirt

Barley Youth Shirt – $24.99

Willowdale College Shirt – $36.99

Guinevere Shirt – $36.99

Onward Playset – $24.99

Onward Wizard Staff – $24.99

Onward Manticore Tavern Quest Pack – $49.99

Onward Quest Playset

We also saw a new MagicBand as well as a couple of new pins for the upcoming movie. Who is ready for March 6th? I know I am!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite piece of new merchandise was!

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