PHOTOS: ‘Pinocchio’ MagicBand Magically Arrives at Walt Disney World

Another new MagicBand is now available at Walt Disney World, and this time the design is for the Disney animated film “Pinocchio”. Printed on a blue MagicBand, this design features multiple characters from the movie, perfect for any fan of Pinocchio or Jiminy Cricket.

Curiously the design overlaps the black border on one side of the band but not on the side with the blue fairy and Jiminy Cricket.

Geppetto and Pinocchio represent on one side of the MagicBand in a full-bleed design such that the design continues onto the black border. Pinocchio here is clearly dreaming of being a real boy still in puppet form.

The blue fairy and Jiminy Cricket adorn this side of the MagicBand, but as we noted, is only printed on the blue part of the band, not the black border.

The design of these characters and the fairy dust is really well done and spices up the plain blue MagicBand. Notably not represented on this MagicBand is Figaro, who is a cat.

We found this “Pinocchio” MagicBand in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom for $24.99.