PHOTOS: New Retro 1971 Limited Release MagicBand Boogies On Down to Walt Disney World

A new MagicBand featuring designs and colors reminiscent of 1971 Walt Disney World has made its way into stores. This MagicBand is part of the “Wear It Proud Collection” and is the perfect accessory for any fan wanting to go back to the “good old days” to a time where there weren’t MagicBands, FastPasses, or Boarding Groups.

This is a Limited Release MagicBand, so if you want this MagicBand, be sure to purchase it if you see it at Walt Disney World.

The retro Walt Disney World text is tricolored with red, orange, and yellow which is printed on top of colored bars.

The other side features a stylized castle design that looks like the old Disney Studios VHS logo printed on a orange background that disrupts the colored bars. A ’71, the opening year of Walt Disney World, is printed near the MagicBand puck on this side of the band as well.

We found this MagicBand in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom for $29.99. Will you be picking up this MagicBand on your next visit to Walt Disney World?