PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Laughing Place Play Area Now Closed for Refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom

While Splash Mountain is under refurbishment, it looks like its junior version might be getting some work done, too.


As we strolled by the Laughing Place play area today, we saw all the entrances were covered up.


We could smell paint as we walked by as well.



The playground structure is visible through the scrim, so we know that’s still there. But we could also see a ladder on the ground.

splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-8.jpg splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-7.jpg

Scrim can be seen throughout the tunnel.

splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-6.jpg splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-5.jpg

The play area is located near a Walt Disney World Railroad entrance, under the stairs.

splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-4.jpg splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-3.jpg

Because Splash Mountain has height restrictions, this play area is inspired by the scenes in the ride and allow younger kids to feel like they also experienced a bit of the attraction.

splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-2.jpg splsh-mountain-laughing-place-play-area-02-01-2020-1.jpg

With the potential upgrades at the Laughing Play playground, it looks like the smaller Disney fans are going to have to wait a little while for their fun, too.

Do you take kiddos to this playground? Let us know your thoughts on the area by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Found this out yesterday. We went by while taking the big kids on Big Thunder. Hope it is maybe a little bigger. We always use it while others are on splash or big thunder since there isn’t much shade over there if the rocking chairs are full.

  2. We were just there on 1/27/20 and it wasn’t closed! That’s nuts. We always stop by there for a bathroom break and let our sons play while we rotate them through bathrooms trips

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