REVIEW: Deceptively Bad Lotso Cookie Sandwich and Souvenir Pouch for Pixar Playtime 2020 at Tokyo DisneySea

Friends forever, glad we’re all here together! That’s right, it’s Pixar Playtime one last time at Tokyo DisneySea! And that means not just special food, but food themed to beloved Pixar franchises! For some reason, Lotso is seen here as cute rather than the evil monster he is. Pixar Playtime not only features a meet-and-greet with the admittedly-huggable bear himself, but also a cute Lotso cookie sandwich. But the important question is, how does it taste? Well, let’s take a trip to Gondolier Snacks for ourselves to see!

Lotso Cookie Sandwich – ¥400 ($3.64)

Don’t let its appearance fool you, the cookies aren’t nearly as soft as they believe. Especially with their contents. They’re kept in a freezer, which hardens the cookie and the cream inside. Also, and this is pretty important, the cookie is super small. Like, “I question why it costs so much” small. The cookie itself is a plain flavor, with the strawberry coming from the cream itself. And boy does it make itself known! The strawberry flavor is almost overly chemical, and the marshmallows aren’t as soft as they should be. You really need a firm, hard bite out of this to get anything substantive.

The wrapper is so adorable, grease stain aside. The cookie is very, very greasy, so marks appear easily on the paper. Featuring his friendly and serious side, Lotso’s Pixar Playtime art really shines here!

Souvenir Pouch – +¥900 ($8.20)

The little pouch, featuring a lookalike of the cookie and a marshmallow zipper, can be added to your cookie order. It’s super fluffy, and perfect for your coins or tickets!

All in all, I’d probably not recommend a trip down to Gondolier Snacks for the Lotso cookie. It’s really nothing particularly special, even if the coin pouch is cute. You’d be better served spending your yen elsewhere. This is available through March 19th.

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