PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for the Final PIXAR Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for the Final PIXAR Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for the Final PIXAR Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea

For the past couple of years, Tokyo DisneySea has been taken over by the Pixar pals for the winter season! And they’re coming back to play with us one last time from January 10th through March 19th, 2020! Pretty exciting, right? And with the return of beloved pals like Woody, Remy, and Lightning McQueen one last time, we’re also getting a vast slate of delicious food and drinks to celebrate. I hope you’re hungry, because it’s time to explore the menus for the third and final Pixar Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea!

Meal Sets

Magellan’s – ¥8900 ($81.62)

Balk as much as you like at the price, but every meal I’ve ever had at Magellan’s was absolutely spectacular. The appetizers on this set are tuna and broccoli tartare with a Japanese-style sauce (themed to Up), steamed flounder with white wine sauce, and bread. The main course is steak marinated in black pepper sauce (with a cute little Coco-esque guitar). For dessert, there’s a petit four and a white chocolate ice cream themed to The Incredibles. Sounds pretty ritzy, right?

Cafe Portofino – ¥1920 ($17.61)

Ah, my favorite counter service restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea! This year, the special set at Cafe Portofino is themed to Toy Story 4, featuring a beef ragu linguine. Alongside is a Forky-themed vegetable-seafood cream soup and a strawberry milk crepe dessert reminiscent of Bo Peep! You can also select your choice of soft drink.

Casbah Food Court – ¥1580 ($14.49)

All hail the Hungry Bear and Casbah Food Court curry! This year, the special set features two curries along with your chicken and rice. There’s a mildly spicy cheesy curry, and a sweet curry as well. For dessert, Mike Wazowski’s eye tops muscat mousse and jelly.

New York Deli – ¥1260 ($11.56)

The popular Lightning McQueen sukiyaki sandwich returns this year at New York Deli! For those unfamiliar, sukiyaki is very thinly-sliced meat served in a hotpot with vegetables and eggs. It’s a traditionally a winter dish in Japanese culture. This set also comes with French fries and your choice of soft drink. Here’s a hint: get the Apple Tea Soda!

Horizon Bay Restaurant – ¥1980 ($18.16)

Ah, my other favorite. Actually with this one, it looks like even Portofino will have a run for its money. As usual, the set features a meat patty (this time with a creamy bacon sauce). Alongside the meat patty is a pumpkin cream soup and a lemon roll cake that looks like Dory! I’m already excited for this one!

Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery – ¥1180 ($10.82)

Over at Mamma Biscotti’s, the main dish is… a sausage roll. But the Slinky Dog wrapper looks awesome! On the side is a marshmallow foccacia with marmalade and chocolate. And you even get a set of the ever-popular Little Green Man dumplings! Who’s hungry, because I sure am! Although I will say I’m rather disappointed that last year’s special Pixar ball-themed dumpling isn’t returning.

Vulcania Restaurant – ¥1880 ($17.24)

And finally, it looks like Vulcania is back in the special set game again (they’ve been absent since last year’s Pixar Playtime) with another Monsters, Inc.-themed set. This set features fried rice with bamboo shoots and noodles, shrimp wonton egg soup, a custard bun, and your choice of soft drink.

Snacks & Beverages

Gondolier Snacks/Liberty Landing Diner – ¥400 ($3.67)

Down at Gondolier Snacks and Liberty Landing Diner, this cute Lotso-themed cookie sandwich with icing and marshmallows is on its way! For an extra ¥900, you can get this cute little Lotso-themed pouch!

Cafe Portofino – ¥450 ($4.13)

Over at Cafe Portofino, you can pick up this green Sparkling Mango & Orange Drink for ¥450! I’m a huge fruity person, so I’m looking forward to this!

Horizon Bay Restaurant – ¥450 ($4.13)

Over at Horizon Bay, this drink features orange and strawberry with some extra popping pearls on top! I bet these drinks can both be added to your set for a nominal fee, but there’s no price point yet.

Sultan’s Oasis – ¥500 ($4.58)

The Sulley bun makes its return this year in place of the curry Chandu bun. Over at Sultan’s Oasis, the bun features chicken and corn once again, with an adorable blue bun with purple dots!

Orange & White Chocolate Mousse with Souvenir Cup – ¥800 ($7.34)

The delicious combination of orange and white chocolate come together with a special Little Green Man dumpling to create this delicious dessert, combined with a souvenir coffee mug!

Blueberry Cheesecake with Souvenir Plate – ¥800 ($7.34)

Blueberry treats are a bit of a rarity in Japan, so I’m excited to not only see a dessert featuring them, but also a neat plate!

Souvenir Items

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1100 ($10.09)

Along with your special set at Mamma Biscotti’s and New York Deli, you can pick up this cute Pixar Playtime lunch case!

Souvenir Pouch – ¥700 ($6.42)

At Sultan’s Oasis and Nautilus Galley, this small pencil case-sized pouch is ready for you to take home, featuring lovely silhouettes of various Pixar pals!

Placemat – ¥650 ($5.96)

At Portofino, Horizon Bay, Casbah, and Vulcania, you can pick up this cute Pixar Playtime Placemat! Nothing makes your dining table say “Pixar Pals” like a special placemat for you and the whole family!

Candy Case – ¥850 ($7.80)

These adorable candy cases match the Playtime game spinners that dot the park. You can choose either gummy jelly beans or M&M-esque chocolates.

And that’s the deliciousness coming to Pixar Playtime this winter! Remember that all of these items will be on sale from January 9th through March 19th, 2020! I tell you, I’m really hungry after exploring all of the food. And don’t worry, we’ll be reviewing all of the counter service and snack items right here on WDWNT in early January.

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