REVIEW: Special Set for Disney Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea’s Cafe Portofino

It’s time for Disney Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort! And one of my favorite parts of any Tokyo Disney Resort event is the array of snacks and food items available! In this series of reviews, I’ll be detailing every single new snack and counter-service item.

Cafe Portofino is one of the best counter-service restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort, offering consistently delicious seasonal set meals, beautiful decor, and incredible vistas of Mediterranean Harbor, should you choose to dine outside. So it’s no surprise that the Disney Halloween special set at Cafe Portofino is excellent as always! So, let’s lay anchor at Porto Paradiso and take in some delicious fare!

Special Set – ¥1880 ($17.53)

As counter service meals go at Tokyo Disney Resort, this is certainly one of the pricier options. But what you get in exchange is worth it, in my opinion! Like Plaza Pavilion and Horizon Bay Restaurant, Cafe Portofino is a buffeteria concept. Essentially, you pick out plates of ready-made items and pay a la carte.

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Linguine with Beef Ragu

It’s essentially just like any other noodle pasta in composition. I loved the beef ragu, and the fact that it was dark made for an extra-spooky touch! This actually isn’t too terrible, especially for what you’d usually get at a fast casual Italian place in Tokyo. It certainly isn’t “authentic” Italian, but it’s definitely good enough for anyone that isn’t actually Italian. A note that you can change to a linguine seafood pomodoro if you desire.

Seafood Salad

It’s hard to mess up salad, honestly. All you need is good, crisp greens and some dressing. This definitely checks both boxes, with a touch of cheese and shrimp to add extra variety. The dressing is thousand island sauce, and the shrimp is excellent. Not much more to ask from a good salad!

Chocolate & Cassis Mousse

It’s a good thing I got this shot early, as the heat had melted the cat by the time I actually ate it! The mousse is an excellent rich dark chocolate flavor, with a wonderful cassis drizzle around the plate. While the chocolate stands out no matter how you mix the two together, the combination creates an incredible taste! It’s very light and fluffy, as mousse should be, but definitely is an excellent finisher for this set.

I would just like to note that the view from where I sat was excellent. Even if it was a bit hot, the view of Mount Prometheus was spectacular!

Overall, Cafe Portofino continues to sit as one of my favorite counter-service restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort. I’ve yet to have a bad meal here, and this certainly is no exception! The pasta is excellent, the salad as well, and the mousse was simply to die for! I absolutely recommend this set if you visit Tokyo DisneySea. The Special Set is available at Cafe Portofino is available through October 31st.

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