New “The Simpsons” Short Film To Debut Before Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” Showings

Pixar is about to break with tradition when “Onward” hits theaters this week. Instead of an original Pixar short, a new Simpsons short, “Playdate With Destiny”, will debut before the film “Onward” begins.

“Playdate With Destiny” was originally to air as an episode on “The Simpsons. The producers of the show felt that this story, which focuses on Maggie Simpson, would work better as a theatrical short. After Fox was purchased by Disney, the producers of The Simpson met with Disney and discussed the idea of using “Playdate With Destiny” as an opening short for one of Disney’s animated films. Disney agreed and chose “Onward” to be that film.

You can see “Playdate With Destiny” when “Onward”opens on March 6th.

From The Simpsons’ Instagram account:

Source: @thesimpsons

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