New My Disney Experience App Update Suggests Expanded Use of Virtual Queues at Walt Disney World

Here at WDWNT, we’ve been tracking the distribution of Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance since the ride debuted here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then again after it opened in Disneyland. Recently, we saw the integration of new “My Queues” menus rolled out throughout the Disneyland App, with potential for the virtual queueing process to be added to more attractions. Now the feature has been quietly added to the My Disney Experience app, as it appears an expansion of the Boarding Group/virtual queue system may be imminent for Disney Parks.


Wording throughout the My Disney Experience app has changed most mentions of Boarding Groups to simply “virtual queue”, including a new section called “My Queues”, which appears to have slots for numerous attractions. Theoretically, the same virtual queue process could be used for the new WEB SLINGERS: A Spider Man Adventure attraction debuting with the Avengers Campus on July 18th at Disney California Adventure, as well as new upcoming attractions here at Walt Disney World, like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT and the TRON Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom.

Do note that these are currently just tests, and that the new “My Queues” screens won’t appear for all My Disney Experience app users until it’s finalized and fully rolled out.

Are you looking forward to the broader use of virtual queues across the parks, or bemoan the loss of the classic Stand-By queue? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Uh, hell no. Keep the fast pass and normal lines. Virtual ques are not fair to folks who can’t get to the park by opening. So they never get a chance to ride anything that’ll be on this. So it doesn’t need to be added.

    1. Which is exactly the reason why you should need more virtual queues. The virtual queue is basically the same as fastpass, except that the one has a set return time and the other one not.

    2. And fast passes are not fair to people who aren’t staying at Disney resorts and can book them 60+ days out. Virtual queues are easily the most fair way to handle popular rides, as everyone has an equal chance. Also, are you saying you’d rather waste time in a stand-by line for 3+ hours instead of being able to enjoy the day at the park doing other stuff at the same time?

  2. Because of medical conditions, it is extremely difficult for us to get to a park before rope drop to join one of these queues and it took it us a few to recover after the one time we tried this. Disney needs to understand this won’t work for some people and make allowances for families dealing with medical conditions. And having one family member drive to the park before rope drop, drive back home to get the rest of the family, and then drive back to the park to stand in a line at Guest Services to add the rest of the family is an unreasonable burden.

  3. I think, unfortunately, this is a new wave of things. Just like the bands being a way for the Fastpass instead of tickets. I say unfortunately because while all these rides are going to be insanely popular and there will need to be way to control things, for those of us with Annual Passholders that like to pick up and go in the afternoon, wont be allowed access because “all the virtual passes have been distributed” i mean i still cant get a fastpass for freaking FOP. they are making it impossible to get a virtual pass. heck i got off work at 7am went to HS got there about 8 and the sign said no more virtual passes to given for Rise. so im frustrated just a bit

  4. FastPasses are virtual queues. So perhaps there’s where all of the fast passes and boarding groups will be displayed.

  5. Rides like RotR would have 5-10 hour wait times without a virtual queue (just look at what happened with Hagrids). Do you still have to technically wait? Sure, but I can go ride other rides, grab a bit to eat, use the bathroom where I’m supposed to and not in line like people did with Flight of Passage 😬 and then go hop on the ride and still experience the immersive queue they created.

    The fact that disney changed it to where passes weren’t distributed until park opening doesn’t make it that unreasonable for people to be there at opening if you want to ride the (currently) most popular ride that Disney has ever created. Also, I do believe that Disney is looking at pros/cons of the current system and will adjust where they can to try and make it better/more fair for everyone. But I’m also not afraid of change 😉

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