PHOTOS: Portable Hand Washing Station Rolled Out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Coronavirus Protection

With the growing concern over Coronavirus around the world, we are closely monitoring Walt Disney World’s status and daily-changing response. Today, we found a portable hand-wash station installed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The accompanying sign provides basic directions for guests to fight the COVID-19 virus. On the signage, it does also direct guests to the guidemaps to find the closest restroom to wash your hands. So far, we have only seen this particular hand washing station, but we would assume many more are coming for other outdoor eateries and stands.

The stations offer soap and water, a drastic step up from the hand sanitizer stations we’ve seen popping up. There is a basin to wash your hands with a foot-activated pedal to dispense water, along with a soap dispenser above.

This particular station is located outside of The Smiling Crocodile kiosk, but we would anticipate reinforcements are on the way.

The coronavirus has impacted the world on a global scale and we, like everyone else, will be closely monitoring changes.