PHOTOS: Flaunt Your Favorite Disney Princess With New D-Tech Smartphone Cases Available at Walt Disney World

We were swinging by Tomorrowland Power and Light Co. and noticed a few new smartphone cases that we hadn’t seen before, let’s check them out!

We have a new line of Disney Princess themed smartphone cases. On each of the cases, Cinderella Castle is featured in their dresses silhouette with and accompanying signature at the bottom.


Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora, and Belle were the Princesses that we were able to find today.

Hades was looking enflamed today with Dr. Facilier, The Queen, Jafar & Maleficent peppered in his hairline. This is part of the Villains After Hours events that are going on now through July 10th at Magic Kingdom.

If you would like to pick any of these cases up for your particular smartphone, head on over to any D-Tech on Demand location and snag one for $29.99.