PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Mickey Shorts Theater Debuts with Exclusive “Vacation Fun” Cartoon, “Potatoland” Photo Op, and More at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Welcome to the Mickey Shorts Theater, an extension of the fun at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway in Disney’s Hollywood Studios where you can catch a fun new animated short, relax in air conditioning, and then follow up with some fun photo-ops based off of fan-favorite shorts. We checked out the exterior of the theater yesterday, so today, let’s venture inside to watch the new short and check out the photo ops!

The original animated short, “Vacation Fun,” celebrates Mickey and Minnie’s favorite vacation memories, plus a few new adventures! “Vacation Fun,” which is exclusive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, features new animation and clips from favorite Mickey shorts, including Panda-moniumCouples SweatersPotatolandCroissant de TriompheEntombedDumb LuckAl Rojo VivoYodelburg and Outback at Ya!

And yes, the seats are themed after Mickey’s actual shorts.

After the show, guests can make even more memories by stepping into life-sized versions of beloved animated Mickey shorts, where they can pose for photos with family and friends. Existing shorts from the Mickey Mouse television series that are being used in the post show photo experience are YodelburgPotatoland, Entombed and Panda-monium.

You can check out the full “Vacation Fun” short in the video below:

There’s so much Mickey & Minnie excitement happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where a visit to “Vacation Fun” is a great way to sit back and enjoy a new short, or snap some pics with some of your favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts.

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