PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour an “Alice in Wonderland” Character Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

If you’re dreaming of a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort sometime in the future, there are many ways to make your stay more magical. One way to fully immerse yourself into everything the resort has to offer is by booking a character themed room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the “Alice in Wonderland” rooms at the resort and we’re simply mad about it. The room is fully themed from the beds to the lamps to the bathroom doors. Every detail in the room is perfect.

The room is bright and colorful, like walking into Wonderland. The walls and floors are vibrant with mismatched patterns and a lot of wavy and zig zagged lines. Our room had two beds, a couch, and a table with 2 chairs. We even found a rolling bed tucked away under one of the main beds.

There was a TV on top of a themed dresser. The dresser looks like something from the White Rabbit’s house, with ears, pocket watch, and umbrellas adding a touch of character to the furniture.

You’ll probably find towel animals hanging out in your room, too.

Inside the dresser, you’ll also find pajamas. That’s right- there are pajamas for guests to wear to bed. Every day when our room was made up, new pajamas were left in the drawers for us. It’s such a nice touch to come back to the room and find fresh pajamas at the end of the day.

There are also a few other amenities to start or end your day right. There’s an area to make coffee or tea and a mini fridge below. In the drawer, you’ll also find a selection of liquor.


The beds resemble the Queen of Heart’s dress and really stands out in the room. The bed runner even features the playing cards.

There’s also a themed night stand between the beds, with subtle hearts and roses.

Next to the beds, there are lights that are blue and white like Alice’s dress. The blue glow is a nice touch in the room. You can also see they’re painting the roses red on the headboards behind the bed.

In the corner of the room, you’ll find a lamp, topped with a Mad Hatter Hat lampshade. This was one of our favorite pieces of furniture in the room.

The bathroom has a sink, mirror, and complimentary amenity tin. There’s a room on one side with a toilet and a room on the other side with a bath tub and shower. Each one has it’s own door, complete with an image of one of the Tweedles. Tweedle Dum was on one door and Tweedle Dee on the other.

The toilet isn’t nearly as complicated as these buttons make it look.

Inside the shower, you’ll find a small window with an image of the Cheshire Cat, which is also visible from the room.

The entire bathroom can be closed off for privacy with a blue and white sliding door.

“Alice in Wonderland” artwork fills the fun frames that compliment the wild wallpaper print.

This room is full of character and we loved having the opportunity to stay there. This “Alice in Wonderland” room has many more fun details, so be sure to check out our full video tour below. Enjoy!


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1 year ago

Beautiful. OLC is more Disney than Disney.

1 year ago

How much does it cost to stay in such a room?