PHOTOS: Exterior Work on Former Wonders of Life Pavilion Begins for New Play! Pavilion At EPCOT

After a long, somewhat rudderless road over the last 13 years, the Wonders of Life will finally be put to put to use in the form of the new Play! Pavilion. The Play! Pavilion will be a large scale immersive metropolis. Guests will be able to experience interactive games and activities centered around their favorite Disney characters. The Wonders of Life Pavilion, which has stood at EPCOT since 1989 really hasn’t gone through very many exterior changes to its golden dome since its opening. That appears will change with the opening of the Play! Pavilion.

Recently, we caught a glimpse of either a panel being removed or repaired by a few construction workers on a lift.

You can see the panel being removed from the pavilion dome with a small opening visible.

We tried to get a better vantage point in front of the exit to Mission Space. There have been construction walls in place here for quite some time.

This is a project marked “wait and see” at the moment. This was just a small snippet of a much larger project. We are hungry, like you, for any new progress on the former Wonders of Life Pavilion. It will be sad to see the EPCOT staple finally repurposed. It’s nice though, to finally have a permanent purpose for the building and the Play! Pavilion should bring new life to this section of the park.